Payza,MoneyGram Payment Method Has been Added

We are pleased to announce to all clients who prefer not to pay  by By Liberty Reserver or Bank Transfer that we have provided two more payment solutions,

Payment Using PAYZA formally called AlertPay.

Payza] is an e-commerce business that allows payments to be made between Payza members through the internet. For personal users, it is a low-cost method for transferring money internationally and a platform for the purchase of goods and services online. For merchants, Payza serves as a platform for e-commerce processing, corporate disbursements and online business management tools, including invoicing and foreign exchange.

Money Transfer MoneyGram.

MoneyGram is a Global Fund Transfer system, The company offers its services to consumers and businesses through a network of agents and financial institution customers.

Other Payment Methods are:

LIberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve is a payment gateway which is widely used today. It is account-based payment system where you can store value in U.S. dollars and transfer payments to others and receive payments from others. It is safe, reliable and confidential. Payments are irrevocable (meaning they cannot be reversed). Liberty Reserve is instant, real-time currency for international commerce. In just minutes, you can send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe!

Bank Transfer using Guaranty Trust Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank plc is a foremost Nigerian financial institution with vast business outlays spanning Anglophone West Africa and the United Kingdom.

This payment method is only allowed for countries like Nigeria Uk and other Western Africa countries that has GTB bank. You can make purchase of product, domain names using GTB bank as payment method.

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