I lost or forgot my login password to Webbyklet billing. How do I get it? Print

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When you originally signed up for your account, we sent you an email containing your billing area login information.  The login information for the billing area is different than your login for your hosting control panel, for security reasons.

There is a link that says "Forgot your password" that you can use to retrieve your password.  It will be emailed to the email we have on file for you (typically the one you gave us at sign up).

Not working?

If you still cannot login:

  • Be sure you are using the primary email address (the email you gave us during sign-up).
  • Enter your email address in all lowercase.
  • Remember that the password is case sensitive. Make sure your caps lock is off.
  • Be careful when you copy & paste. It is easy to inadvertently copy extra blank space at the beginning or end of your password.

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