Tips for protecting yourself–post-antivirus age?


Assuming we no longer use antivirus?  what can you do to protect yourself in the post-antivirus age?

Naijadomains recommends:

  • Back up everything regularly. You can back up photos and non-sensitive files to the cloud. But you should also keep a backup on an external hard drive that is not physically connected to your computer (otherwise it can be compromised in a ransomware attack). That way, if you get attacked by ransomware or another threat, you can roll back to the previous version of your computer.
  • Keep your operating system and software such as browsers up to date and patched. Turn on automatic updates if they’re available.
  • Think before you click on links or attachments. If you’re not sure about them, get in touch with the person who sent them to double-check.

Any Tip??? comment below…

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