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All our servers support (i.e. are capable of running) both PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 (with a few exceptions listed below). The default version is 5.2.x but you can follow the directions below to use PHP 5.3.x instead.

Exceptions: Newer VPS/Plesk installations have PHP 5.3 as the default, and do not support PHP 5.2. Windows Shared & Chilisoft ASP servers only support PHP 5.2.

Before switching, be aware of backwards compatibility issues with scripts: Older PHP coding may not be compatible with newer versions of PHP.

Please keep in mind: Using PHP 5.3 will break any sites requiring Zend or ioncube that were encoded with PHP 5.2. We recommend you check with the application developers to see if they have a 5.3 version available.

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