SSL Certificates

Comodo PositiveSSL
N6,000.00NGN Annually
The Comodo Positive SSL is the cheapest SSL certificate which is fast and of a high quality. It is a 256-bit certificate and has great browser compatibility. It is possible to get it working within just three minutes and quick and easy to set up.

Comodo InstantSSL Pro
N20,000.00NGN Annually
These Pro certificates have all of the features of the standard Instant SSL certificates but have an increased warranty for up to $100,000. This means that they are the best solution for businesses who wish to show their customers that they have a high guarantee but they are also not that expensive.

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard
N50,400.00NGN Annually
This is the cheapest wildcard SSL certificate that you can buy and it is good quality and fast to get. Within three minutes you will have a 128-bit certificate ready to use, with perfect browser compatibility.The one SSL certificate will allow you to work with unlimited number of subdomains, making sure that your whole website is secure.

Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL
N86,500.00NGN Annually
This SSL certificate will provide security for unlimited subdomains. This will save customers having to buy a new certificate for each one this could save a lot of money. So this Comodo wildcard certificate could end up being very cost effective.

Symantec Secure Site
N90,000.00NGN Annually
Symantec now offers VeriSign SSL Certificates. These will allow you to be able to transfer data securely on intranets, extranets and websites. The Norton secured seal comes along with the certificate so you will have one of the most trusted marks on your website.

Thawte SSL 123
N15,000.00NGN Annually
Thawte SSL 123 certificates can quickly allow you to get an encrypted connection to your web server. The certificate is a domain only validation and it provides up to 256-bit cover for applications that are not at risk from fraud or phishing. The certificate includes domain authentication, a trusted site seal, 30-day money back guarantee and free reissues.

Thawte Web Server Certificate
N40,000.00NGN Annually
By having a Thawte Web Server certificate you will know that any data that is exchanged online will be kept secure. It will confirm the identity of your site to employees, business partners and other users. It is possible to get 256-bit encryption for use for intranets, mail servers and other web applications, using this certificate.

Thawte Web Server EV Certificate
N80,000.00NGN Annually
This SSL certificate provides a high level of security with 256-bit protection for corporations and government departments. It offers a green address bar so that customers can instantly see that the website is safe and only EV certificates can provide this.

Thawte Wildcard Certificate
N88,592.00NGN Annually
A Wildcard SSL Certificate from Thawte will enable you to secure unlimited amounts of sub domains under one IP address. This provides a cost effective way to get domain name and identity verification on your website.

Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard
N180,000.00NGN Annually
Thawte SSL123 Wildcard is a brand new product from Thawte released early 2016. It is their first Domain validation SSL certificate with complete Wildcard support and SHA-2 hash algorithm. Thawte SSL certificates support ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) algorithm that makes products so special.

SSL protects principal/primary domain name with unlimited sub-domains. Starting at 2015 Thawte SSL certs has unlimited server licensing, so you can install it to as many servers/IP's you want without any additional fee. We do offer 30-day money back guarantee as well as $500k warranty to all Thawte SSL123 products